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What do I call a Travel Moment?

To me, moments are single photographs captured during your travel, while hiking in the mountains, having lunch in a restaurant, visiting a museum or at any given time that triggered a feeling that made this moment something special.

What usually triggers me to stop for a moment and capture it? Absolutely anything. Probably the same what triggers you and millions other people. This could be a gesture, color, light, subject itself, anything that makes the moment feel right and ready to be captured, for you. The beauty about those moments is that, although we all have the same set of triggers, they reveal themselves under different circumstances, slightly changing their tint, adjusting to the unique personality of every single one of us. I believe that when you click the shutter button on your camera in that precise moment, only then you can say that what you’ve captured is unique and truly yours.

Such a photograph could be part of a bigger story, but it does no have to. Sometimes it’s a story on its own, which I’m trying to tell me you here, in this section.

What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.
― Karl Lagerfeld

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